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Here are documents and evidence presented to the grand jury in Clayton, Mo., that was deciding whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting of Michael Brown. The documents were released by the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P.…

Advertisement for "Bread Loaf Writers' Conference" featuring workshops led by May Swenson, Mona Van Duyn, Marvin Bell, Stanley Elkin, George P. Elliott, John Irving, Donald Justice, Edward A. Martin, William Meredith, Toni Morrison, Robert Pack, Lore…

J. M. W. Turner, "Dido Building Carthage" (1815) 61x91; Nat Gall, London; Cf. Cole's "Consummation of Empire" 1836.

Lucas Cranach Elder (1472-1553) "Lucretia", Pinak, Munich; Death before Brutus and Collatius

Typescript with no corrections of "Read at Marquette in 1958" by Isabella Gardner.

Advertisement for "The 4th Annual Writer's Festival" sponsored by SUNY at Buffalo. Speakers included Raymond Federman, Alicia Ostriker, James McConkey, Jorge Guitart, Elizabeth Willis, and Bob DeFelice.

Tiepolo, "Trojan Home" Trojan's bringing it inside walls; Tiepolo- Ventian 1696-1770; Insc: PALLADI VOTVM; Nat Gallery London


Advertisement for “The Modern Literature Reading Series: The Poetry of May Swenson” sponsored by Special Collections, Washington University Libraries, November 14, 2000.

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