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This typescript contains Beckett's translation of his French radio play of the same name. This translation was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 1964.

This typescript of the French translation of From an Abandoned Work includes several interesting corrections.

An unmarked proof copy from the text's original publisher, Faber and Faber.

This notebook contains drafts of the French translation of Beckett's From an Abandoned Work, which Beckett produced with Ludovic et Agnès Janvier between December 1966 and January 1967.

Translation by Ludovic and Agn├Ęs Janvier in collaboration with Beckett.

This cassette tape includes a recording of the play performed by Alvin Epstein and Frederick Neumann as well as a documentary about the production.

This collection includes several of the original recordings from Becktt's works for radio, including From an Abandoned Work (1957) and Cascando (1964).

The radio play Cascando was written originally in French and broadcast on RTF-France Culture on 13 October 1963 with music by Marcel Mihalovici.

In this postcard from Italy, Beckett explains to Henry Wenning that Imagination Dead Imagine is his English translation and not the original.

This volume collects four of Beckett's short prose works: D'un ouvrage abandonné, Assez, Imagination morte imaginez and Bing
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